Here are my radios. Click the name of the radio to view an image of the radio.

Scanner: I have a Radio Shack PRO-2030 VHF/UHF scanner. It goes through many frequencies starting at 6m and going higher. The manual can be found here. This scanner is hooked up to my desktop computer using this cable with a 10:1 attenuator to match the voltage differences between the radio's speaker output and the computer's sound card. Currently, this receiver only station acts as an APRS igate, KD0KFO-5.

Handheld Transceiver: I also have a Puxing PX-777+ Handheld transceiver. This is a 5W 2-meter handheld, which I use with a speaker mic. I really like this radio. It is quite compact and sounds really good. The 5W output is enough for me to reach local repeaters (tested at ~5 miles, so far). I chose this radio, because it was relatively inexpensive, while at the same time getting really good reviews. Google it, especially read forum reviews. Definitely recommend this as an inexpensive hand held. Reviews say the built in mic is not very good. I haven't tested that yet; I always use the mic.

Copyright David Coss 2014
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