1$$$$$&@&$PRO-2030 80-Channel Direct Entry Programmable Scanner
(200-0407)          Understanding Your Scanner        Faxback Doc. # 46980


The display has several indicators that show the scanner's current
operating mode.  A quick look at the display will help you understand how
to operate your scanner.

       MON - appears when you listen to a monitor memory.

      BANK - appears with numbers (1-8) to the right to show which channel
             storage banks are turned on for the scan mode.  See
             "Understanding Channel-Storage Banks" in Faxback Doc. #46981.

      SCAN - appears when you scan channels.

    MANUAL - appears when you manually select a channel.

   PROGRAM - appears while you program frequencies into the scanner's

         P - appears when you listen to the priority channel.

        CH - digits that precede this indicator show which channel the
             scanner is currently tuned to.

       MHz - digits that precede this indicator show which of the 32,000
             possible frequencies the scanner is tuned to.

     Error - appears when you make an incorrect entry.

  PRIORITY - appears when you turn on the priority channel feature.

   LOCKOUT - appears when you manually select a locked channel.

     DELAY - appears when you program a channel for a two second delay
             before scanning or when you listen to a channel programmed
             with the delay feature.

        WX - appears when the scanner is in the weather band mode.

    SEARCH - appears during a limit search (when L - also appears) or a
             direct frequency search (when d - also appears).

/\ and \/  - indicates the search direction.


Your scanner's keys might seem confusing at first, but a quick glance at
this section should help you understand each key's function.

      POWER - turns the scanner on and off.

       SCAN - scans through the programmed channels.

        L/O - lets you lock out a selected channel.

        PRI - sets and turns on and off priority for a particular channel.

      LIMIT - used during frequency searches.  See "Searching for and
              Temporarily Storing Active Frequencies" in Faxback Doc.
              # 45537.

         /\ - searches frequencies up from the currently displayed

        MAN - stops scanning and lets you directly enter a channel number.

        DLY - programs a two-second delay for the selected channel.

        MON - accesses the 10 monitor memories.

      SPEED - changes the scanning or search speed from low to high or
              high to low.

         \/ - searches frequencies down from the currently displayed

Number Keys - each has a single digit followed by a range of numbers.  The
              single digit is the number entered when you enter a channel
              number or frequency.  The range of numbers (21-30, for
              example) indicates the channels that make up a channel
              storage bank.  See "Understanding Channel Storage Banks"
              in Faxback Doc. # 46981.

      CLEAR - clears an incorrect entry.

        PGM - programs frequencies into channels.

         WX - scans through the 7 preprogrammed weather channels.

      ENTER - enters program frequencies into channels.

(LB/tc 4/9/98)

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