PRO-2030 80-Channel Programmable Scanner
(200-0407)                 Troubleshooting            Faxback Doc. # 46657

We hope you don't have any problems with your scanner, but if you do, the
following suggestions might help.

Problem                 Possible Cause             Remedy

The scanner does        No power.                  Check to see that you
not function.                                      plugged the scanner
                                                   into a working AC

Scanner is on but       The SQUELCH control        Rotate the SQUELCH
will not scan.          is not correctly           control clockwise.

In the scan mode        "Birdies"                  Avoid programming
the scanner locks                                  frequencies listed in
on frequencies                                     Faxback Doc. # 17653
that have an unclear                               under "Birdies", or
transmission.                                      only listen to them

The keys are            The CPU is locked          Reset or initialize
inoperative or          up.                        the scanner referring
the LCD display                                    to "Resetting and
is random.                                         Initializing the
                                                   Scanner" in Faxback
                                                   Doc. # 45539.

If none of these suggested remedies solves the problem, take your scanner
to your local RadioShack store for assistance.

(LB/tc 4/9/98)

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