PRO-2030 80-Channel Direct Entry Programmable Scanner
(200-0407)                 Special Features           Faxback Doc. # 46982


Many agencies use a two-way radio system that might have a period of
several seconds between a query and a reply.  To program a delay into that
channel to keep from missing a reply, select the channel and press DLY so
DELAY appears on the display.  The scanner pauses for 2 seconds on a
channel programmed with a delay.

When your scanner pauses at an active channel which has been programmed
with a delay, it waits two seconds after the completion of each
transmission on that channel before it resumes scanning.


Your Pro-2030 has 2 different scanning/search speeds:

   Low - 12 channels/steps per second

   High - 50 channels/steps per second

The scanner has a high/low selector for these speeds.

While you are in the scan or search mode, press SPEED to select the
scanning/search speed.

Whenever the unit is turned on, the speed is automatically set to high.


You can increase the effective scanning speed by locking out specific
channels that you have not yet programmed.  To do so, manually select the
channel and press L/O so LOCKOUT appears on the display.

This is also handy for locking out channels you have programmed that have
a continuous transmission.  You can still manually select locked-out

To unlock a channel, manually select the channel and press L/O so LOCKOUT
disappears from the display.

Note:  There must be at least one active channel in each bank.  You cannot
       lock out all channels.


You can turn each channel-storage bank on and off.  When you turn off a
bank, the scanner does not scan any of the 10 channels in the bank.

While scanning, press the number key corresponding to the bank you want to
turn on or off.  If the memory bank indicator is on, the bank is turned on
and the scanner scans all channels within that bank that are not locked
out.  If the indicator is off, the scanner does not scan any of the
channels within that bank.

You can manually select any channel in a bank, even if the bank is turned
off.  You cannot turn off all banks.  One bank is always active.


You can scan through the programmed channels and still not miss an
important or interesting call on a specific channel.  To program a stored
channel as the priority channel, press PGM, the desired channel number and
then PRI.  You can only select one channel as the priority channel.

To turn on the priority feature, press PRI during scanning.  PRIORITY
appears on the display.  The scanner now checks the priority channel every
two seconds, and stays on the channel if there is activity there.  P
appears on the left side of the display whenever the scanner is set to the
priority channel.

To turn off the priority feature, press PRI until PRIORITY disappears from
the display.


You can continuously monitor a specific channel without scanning.  This is
useful if you hear an emergency broadcast on a channel and do not want to
miss any details - even though there might be periods of silence - or if
you want to monitor only a locked-out channel.

To select a channel, press MAN.  Enter the channel number, and press MAN
again.  Or, if the scanner is scanning and stops at the desired channel,
just press MAN one time.  Pressing MAN additional times makes the scanner
step through the channels.


The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has allocated some channels
for use by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
We have preprogrammed your scanner with all of the frequencies available
to NOAA.  To hear your local forecast and regional weather information,
simply press WX.  Your scanner scans through the weather band.

Your scanner should stop within a few seconds, and you hear the local
weather broadcast.  If the broadcast is weak, you can press WX again to
scan through the rest of the weather band.

(LB/tc 4/9/98)

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